Eminent Domain in Texas – Podcast & Program

Eminent domain is a topic of interest to many Texas landowners.  With projects going on across the state from oil and gas pipelines to highways to water transportation lines, to the high speed rail, many landowners are facing the potential taking of their private property.  Austin-based attorney, Luke Ellis, and I have recently been addressing this issue in a couple of different arenas.

First, this week we recorded an episode of the Ag Law in the Field Podcast focused on eminent domain.  You can listen via computer or you can download from iTunes on your phone.  Our discussion lasts about 40 minutes and hits the high notes of information Texas landowners should be aware of when dealing with the threat of condemnation.  To listen to the podcast, click here.

Second, next Thursday, September 7, 2017, Luke and I will be speaking on eminent domain at an Extension program for landowners hosted by Cooper Terrill, Williamson County Extension Agent.  The program will be at the Williamson County Extension Office (3151 SE Inner Loop) in Georgetown.  We will begin at 5:30 pm and go until 8:30 pm.  In addition to providing an overview of eminent domain law, procedure, and negotiation pointers, we will also take questions from attendees and have a meal.  To register, call Williamson County Extension at 512-943-3300 or contact me and I will be sure to get you on the list.

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