Syngenta Corn Litigation Webinar

A month or so ago, my friend and colleague Drew Kershen, along with Thomas Reddick, presented a webinar discussing the Syngenta corn litigation.  [To view and listen to webinar, click here.]

The webinar offered a variety of interesting information related to this case, the underlying legal issues, and policy implications that a verdict may have.  First, Drew sets forth the facts and outcomes of two prior cases that are somewhat similar to the Syngenta case: the Starlink corn case and the Liberty Link rice case.  Next, the webinar covers the basic facts and background surrounding the Syngenta litigation.  Admittedly, I learned a few new facts that I was not previously aware of.  Then, the presenters discussed some of the key legal issues in the case, including whether China is a “major” market as alleged, whether a verdict in this case might impede future innovation in biotech crops, and whether the US should allow a foreign trading partner to dictate what crops should be grown in the United States.  In conclusion, the presenters shared their thoughts on some additional policy issues impacting this case.

If you are interested in the Syngenta litigation, or in biotechnology and crops in general, I would highly recommend you check out this webinar.

For more background on the Syngenta litigation, click here and here.

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