Wind Leasing Resources

I’ve gotten a few calls recently from landowners seeking resources on wind leases.  I have not written anything on this topic, but for good reason.  My friend and colleague at Oklahoma State University, Dr. Shannon Ferrell, is the wind energy guru and he literally wrote the book on wind leasing for landowners.

To access your free copy of the Wind Energy Leasing Handbook, click here.  Additionally, thanks to Shannon’s technological genius, he also has a video of a wind leasing presentation he gave to a group of landowners a few years ago.  You can watch that presentation (it last about an hour and fifteen minutes) here.

Additionally, the Oklahoma State University Agricultural Economics Department has a website devoted to information regarding wind leasing.  You may access that here.  If you click through the links, you will find various articles, news stories, presentations, and videos on this topic.

As with any lease agreement, I highly recommend that you contact an attorney licensed in your state to review the agreement before signing.  If you need the names of attorneys who frequently do this kind of work, feel free to contact me and I am happy to help you find someone with experience assisting landowners under these circumstances.

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