October 7, 2016 Weekly Round Up

Happy October!  Here are some of the ag law stories in the news this week.


Texas A&M Agirlife Extension Photo by Dr. Russ Wallace

* Supreme Court to consider landmark groundwater dispute between Mississippi and Tennessee.  A groundwater dispute in which Mississippi claims that Tennessee is over-pumping an aquifer that lays beneath both states will be considered by the United States Supreme Court.  [Read article here.]

*Lots to think about before entering into a solar lease agreement.  The Texas Observer published an article this week discussing a number of considerations that landowners need to keep in mind when approached by a solar leasing company.  The author, Naveena Sadasivam, interviewed Stamford-based attorney James Decker and myself to get our thoughts on this topic.  [Read article here.]

* Farm Bill payments on the way for 2015 crop year.  For those of you enrolled under the ARC or PLC programs of the Farm Bill, keep an eye on your mailbox as your 2015 marketing year payment should be on its way soon.  FSA reports that over $7 billion in payments will be issued to farmers and ranchers under the Farm Bill programs.  [Read article here.]

* Texas Agritourism Act FAQs fact sheet published.  I get a lot of questions from folks about the Texas Agritourism Act.  I recently published a fact sheet answering many of those questions and giving a basic framework of this important statute.  [Read fact sheet here.]

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