Texas Eminent Domain Database Up and Running

The Texas Comptroller’s Office announced last week that its eminent domain database is now up and running.  To view the database, click here.

The database, mandated by 2015 Senate Bill 1218 required the Comptroller of Public Accounts to create a comprehensive, publicly-accessible online database to provide information on all entities that have been granted eminent domain authority.  The database will be updated annually.  Currently, there are over 5,000 entities included in the online database as having been granted eminent domain authority in Texas.

Users may conduct searches by company name, entity type, location, and a variety of additional search parameters.  Search results will identify the entity name, taxpayer identification number, whether it is a government or non-governmental entity, the entity’s city and county, whether a condemnation petition was filed in the last calendar year, and the date that eminent domain authority was acquired.  Additionally, users may click on the entity name to pull up additional information such as contact information, a list of projects, and the statutory provisions granting eminent domain authority.


To read more about the database, click here.

For more information about eminent domain law in Texas, click here.

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