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I’m going to start a new multi-part series that will last throughout the year highlighting free, useful agricultural law resources on a variety of different topics.  We will kick things off with my favorite agricultural law blogs.

There are several great ag law blogs that offer excellent information about various ag law issues.  Because several new ag law blogs  have started in the last year or so, I thought it might be useful to provide a list of my favorites.  As you will see, these blogs are from attorneys across the country, which provides a perspective on a huge variety of ag law issues facing different types of producers.

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Here they are (in no particularly order):

Rincker Law Blog.  New York City agriculture and food law attorney (and Texas A&M alum) Cari Rincker writes this blog and does a fantastic job.  She covers a huge number of issues from things like leasing to property ownership, embryo contracts, advice on family law and divorce, and much more.  Check out Cari’s blog here.

Maryland Risk Management Blog.  The University of Maryland started the Maryland Risk Management Blog last year and it is fantastic!  Attorneys Paul Goeringer, Ashley Newhall, and Sarah Everhart do a great job covering issues like right to farm laws, local food, and the farm bill.  Check it out here.

Virginia Ag Law.  Washington DC-based attorney John Dillard just started this blog, but it is going to be great!  John, who grew up on a beef cattle farm, practices ag law at a major DC firm.  He just published his list of ag law issues to watch in 2015 and he has frequently written articles for other ag publications on drones and agriculture, so I expect to see him addressing that issue on his blog as well.  To see John’s blog, click here. 

Agricultural Law and Taxation.  Peggy Kirk Hall, Extension Specialist with Ohio State University, has been blogging for several years on ag law issues.  She covers a broad spectrum of topics including tax law, CAFOs, and federal regulations.  Click here to read more.

Janzen Ag Law Blog.  Todd Janzen represents the Midwest perspective for this group as a practicing attorney in Indiana.  Todd’s blog is great and covers issues like drones, big data, and farm liability.  Click here for Todd’s blog.

Ag & Food Law Blog.  The National Agricultural Law Center mans this blog offering short clips on important ag law issues.  The bloggers post often several times a day to keep you posted on the latest cases, rulings, and legal issues.  You can find the blog by clicking here.


Do you have an ag law blog?  If so, please tell me about it as I’d love to add you to my list of must reads!


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