14 in ’14 Article on Energy

I was recently quoted in a monthly series called “14 in ’14,” which highlights some of the recent efforts and accomplishments of the Texas A&M Agrilife Extension Service.


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This particular article focuses on energy and the impact of the oil and gas boom going on across Texas.  The impacts of increased oil production are felt in many ways, including population increases, economic growth, and increased tax bases in communities near oil-rich areas.  In fact, 11 Texas counties are ranked in the top 50 fastest growing counties in the United States.  As the article points out, a variety of issues come with this growth, including an increased need for housing, new and improved infrastructure, and public services.  Additionally, for local landowners, the oil boom has brought with it numerous legal issues ranging from water use to surface owner rights to estate planning concerns.  [Read article here.]

Numerous people at Texas A&M Agrilife Extension, across various disciplines and departments, have been working hard to provide information and programming on these issues to citizens across Texas.  For more information about educational resources or programming in your area, contact your county extension office.

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