Texas Grazing Lease Checklist Available

In the past year, I have given over 20 presentations on grazing leases to over 1,100 folks, mostly Texas landowners and producers.  It is clear that leasing is an important issue in Texas!

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In light of that, I prepared a checklist of terms for parties to consider when negotiating or drafting a grazing lease.  I am excited to announce that the publication is now officially available online…..for free!

In order to obtain a copy, click here.  This will take you to the Texas A&M Agrilife Extension Bookstore.  From there, just click “add to cart” and then “proceed to checkout.”  You will be asked to enter your contact information, but you will see that there is no charge to download the publication.  If anyone has problems with this process and would prefer me to email you a copy or to send you a copy via U.S. mail, just send me an email request and I will be happy to do so.

Finally, be sure to stay tuned on the blog for more upcoming extension publications as I will have a hunting lease checklist and pipeline easement negotiation checklist finalized in the next month or so.  After that, I intend to work on publications outlining Texas fence law and the rules regarding stock ponds in the state.

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