4-H Enrollment Information

Steps to Enroll and Participate in 4-H:

  1. Read Family Handbook-Determine Club(s) and Project Interests
  2. Enroll Online- Please see below for instructions and more details.
  3.  Attend your Club Meetings
  4. Read 4-H Newsletter
  5. Read Weekly Email Updates (Must be enrolled on 4-H Connect to receive updates)
  6. Attend 4-H Project Activities/Contests


For the 2014-2015 year, enrollment will be completed by enrolling online. There will also be a 4-H participation fee of $20 (if completed before October 31st) and $25 starting November 1st.


I have ran into many problems with people who have had their bank (Extraco) switch their only card out to Discover. However Discover is not an accepted card on 4-H Connect.

If your family ONLY has Discover card, please do the following steps:

  1. Finish your enrollment on 4-H Connect until you see payment method. Then go back to your family screen to see if your members are incomplete- THIS IS A MUST! If it says inactive the Office will NOT do the enrollment for you!
  2. Then you will need to either mail or drop off CASH  to our office to pay for your membership. Remember $20 for each youth and $5 for each adult. If you cannot make it during office hours, you can put it in our mailbox outside our office or building and put it in an envelope with your family name on it AND “4-H Connect Enrollment.”
  3. The Extension Office will go in and finish out your Enrollment with the payment. If you are planning on going to shows, as long as you do Steps 1-3 you will be OK to show!!!!

I am so so so sorry for the confusion and frustration! Please be patient with us and we will work through the process as best as we can!!!!

Documents to help with Enrollment on 4-H Connect:

If you are unable to pay for 4-H membership or are having a tough time this year, the Bell County Extension Education Association (EEA) has provided limited funds to help 4-H members pay for the membership fees. Please see the application for requirements and deadlines: BELL EEA 4-H Scholarship Assistance

BCYF Enrollment and Requirements to Participate

Below are the new changes regarding BCYF. Please make sure you have a sign in sheet at each meeting and announce to all members to sign in before, during, and after the meeting.

· The BCYF has a NEW website in which everything will be posted including the new fair book, entry forms, superintendent’s names and phone numbers, score sheets, and other information: http://agrilife.org/bellctyyouthfair/

· You MUST attend 2 meetings to participate in the BCYF. You MUST sign in on the sign in sheets for it to count.

· 2 meetings will be allowed from August to December this year. No meetings will be allowed in January to use for 2 meeting rule.

· All 4-H members MUST be enrolled by December 10th to participate in the BCYF. However, the fee will go up after October 31st so do it quickly.

· Homeschool Eligibility deadline: January 16, 2015. All Homeschool students must fill out an eligibility form and turn it in by the above deadline. NO FORMS WILL BE AVAILABLE OR ACCEPTED TILL AFTER JANUARY 1, 2015.



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