4-H Ambassadors

The Bell County 4-H Ambassadors are the representation of the Bell County 4-H program. They will represent the county 4-H program on TV, Radio, Commissioners Court, and will lead many of the 4-H promotional events during the year. They also help with the 4-H banquet, state photo workshop, district food show, and are mentors at your club meetings.

Ambassadors for the 2014-2015 Year

  • Emma Coffman- Stampede Creek
  • Haley Entrop—Tigertown
  • Nathaniel Fasolino- 4-His Glory
  • Taylor Harris- Tigertown
  • Lacy Ide-Rogers
  •  Taylor Jacobs- Tigertown
  •  Bailey Kasberg- 4-His Glory
  • Jordan Kurtz- Holland
  • Ashley Payne- Stampede Creek
  • Tyler Ramthun-Holland
  • Courtlyn Ranly—Oenaville
  • Kelley Ranly—Oenaville
  • Brandon Stone-4-His Glory
  • Merah Winters- Tigertown
  • Billy Wood- Tigertown
  •  Katherine Wood-Tigertown
  •  C0-Advisor- Micah Holcombe, 4-H Agent
  • Co-Advisor- Stacee Winters, 4-H Volunteer

Ambassadors 2015-2016

2015-2016  Ambassador Advisor will be Sheryl Raley, 4-H Agent

2015-2016 Ambassador Handbook

2015-2016 Ambassador Application(Word)

2015-2016 Point system (to help you keep up with your points)


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