A plethora of webinar opportunities

All Bugs Good & Bad Webinar Series

Did you miss the wonderful bed bug webinar presented by Amelia Shindelar?  The recording of the webinar has been posted at: https://learn.extension.org/events/1866


You can view the recordings of any of the previous All Bugs Good and Bad webinars at:



The next webinar is entitled: “Wildlife in the Backyard – a Double-edged Sword.” Tune in on December 4 at 1 pm Central time.  https://learn.extension.org/events/1886

Other upcoming webinars:

Bed Bug Updates for Pest Management Professionals

9am (CST) on December 1, 2015

• Topics will include:

• Best Management Practices

• Customer Service

• Protecting the Company

Understanding Bed Bug Control for Social Service Professionals

9am (CST) on December 3, 2015

Basic bed bug control information particularly relevant to social service workers who do home visiting

• Topics will include:

• Protecting Yourself

• Educating Your Clients

• Resources Available Through the University of Minnesota

Four Steps to Bed Bug-Free Premises for Landlords

9am (CST) on December 10, 2015

• Topics will include

• Encouraging Tenants to Report Infestations Promptly

• Helping Tenants Prevent Bed Bug Entry Into Residences

• Successful Control Procedures – a Partnership between Tenants and Landlords

For more information and to register visit www.bedbugs.umn.edu/webinars

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