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Free Seminar on Zika virus & Mosquito Management

WHAT: Information provided on Zika virus, mosquitoes and their management.   WHERE: 1600 Smith Road, Austin, TX 78721   WHEN: Thursday, September 22nd: 10AM– 12PM   Space is limited so reserve your spot soon! 512-854-9606 or


Fleas are ectoparasites and females require a blood meal to produce eggs.  After feeding on a host, females can produce about 30-50 eggs per day that fall off the animal and into carpeting or other areas of the home or outside in areas where the animal frequents.  Larvae feed on organic matter as well as partially digested blood excreted by the adult fleas (yes, I mean poop).  After fleas pupate, they usually hatch out of the cocoon in about 2 weeks, but they can remain dormant for up… Read More →