Monthly Archives: August 2014

Argentine ants

I’ve been getting samples submitted where people suspect that they have Tawny crazy ants infesting their property. They report light brown ants in dense populations getting into everything. Once the samples are submitted, I discover that they are Argentine ants. So why are people mistaking Argentines for Tawnies? Well to the inexperienced they can look very similar especially when you don’t have a good hand lens or microscope to look for hairs on the body. Also, both of them can have high population numbers and supercolonies. Argentine ants… Read More →

Asp caterpillars

I’ve been hearing reports of people being stung by asps (puss caterpillars). The larva is the problematic stage for this insect as the caterpillars often fall out of trees and land on unsuspecting people below. When this happens, the person may get stung. The caterpillar has venomous spines which can cause a varying reaction. There are some people who react more severely to the toxin than others. The severity of the sting can also depend upon the thickness of the skin where the sting occurs. Often stings will… Read More →