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Happy Halloween! Today I discuss spiders!

If you have heard me speak about indoor pest control, you most likely have heard me talk about trying to encourage people to not kill spiders they find in the house. The spiders can help to capture and take care of other insects that may be a problem in the home, so leaving them in place is part of a good IPM program. I also often answer the question of what I do for pest control in my own home. Since hubby and I are both entomologists, we… Read More →

FREE Webinars! Alien Invasions! Zombie! Decapitation! (it is getting close to Halloween…..)

Did you miss the webinar from this month? It’s right in theme with the month of October and even has zombies! All Bugs Good and Bad Webinar Series Alien Invasions, Zombies Underfoot and Billions of Decapitated Fire Ants This webinar was presented by Dr. Sandford Porter, a Research Entomologist in the Imported Fire Ants and Household Insects group of USDA ARS Center for Medical, Agricultural and Veterinary Entomology. It was moderated by Nelson Wynn, Regional Extension Agent, Alabama Cooperative Extension Service. To watch the recorded webinar, go here… Read More →

Baiting for fire ants in the fall

Broadcast baiting for imported fire ants in the fall can help reduce the number of fire ant mounds see in the fall and spring. Tips for baiting: Make sure the bait is fresh fire ants pick bait up as food, if bait is rancid they will not pick it up fresh bait should have a nutty or corn-like scent (unless it’s spinosad bait which smells differently than other baits) rancid bait smells sour Apply bait when fire ants are foraging on hot days, fire ants forage in the… Read More →