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Kissing bugs and Chagas disease

Triatomine bugs, also known as kissing bugs, reduviid bugs and cone-nose bugs, are almost an inch long with elongated cone-shaped heads.  The body is grayish-brown with a wide abdomen that has flattened sides.  The flattened sides of the abdomen stick out beyond the wing margins and are marked with red, orange or yellow stripes.  Nymphs (immatures) look similar to adults, but lack fully developed wings. There are other insects in Texas that look similar and can be mistaken for kissing bugs.  Many of these insects do NOT bite and do NOT… Read More →

A plethora of webinar opportunities

All Bugs Good & Bad Webinar Series Did you miss the wonderful bed bug webinar presented by Amelia Shindelar?  The recording of the webinar has been posted at:   You can view the recordings of any of the previous All Bugs Good and Bad webinars at:   The next webinar is entitled: “Wildlife in the Backyard – a Double-edged Sword.” Tune in on December 4 at 1 pm Central time. Other upcoming webinars: Bed Bug Updates for Pest Management Professionals 9am (CST) on December 1, 2015 •… Read More →