Monthly Archives: May 2015

Flooding and fire ants

I think saying that weather has been interesting for Central Texas as of late is a bit of an understatement. We have had so much rain that has led to flooding in multiple areas, causing much loss and devastation. While clean-up efforts are underway for various parts of the state, people need to be aware of fire ant movement. I know this is one the the last things on everyone’s mind when looking at the results of the flooding, but it can be important information for those people… Read More →

Occasional invaders during heavy rain- millipedes and pillbugs

I’m loving the rain we’ve been getting in Central Texas, but it has been leading to some pest problems that people haven’t really had to deal with for awhile. I thought that I would touch on some of them. The first and foremost for me are millipedes. Yesterday afternoon when it was raining, I took the opportunity to head outside to look for millipedes for photos. I could not find a single one. While disappointed, I knew that I had seen some at home so I figured I… Read More →

Four-lined plant bug

Have you seen me? Not me, as in me, Wizzie, but me as in me, this bug. We have them in the demonstration garden and I’ve been getting reports of them from all over town. Some people have seen damage, which is often mistaken for fungal damage. I suggest that you head out to the yard and start looking. Four-lined plant bugs are brightly colored. Nymphs (immatures) are red while older nymphs star to have wing pads with yellow and black stripes. Adults have fully developed wings that… Read More →