Monthly Archives: June 2014

Webworms invading Austin

I’ve been receiving calls on webworms that are in trees surrounding Ladybird Lake. we also have webworms in a tree at the Demonstration Garden. Since it’s a demonstration garden, I’m using the webworms as a….you guessed it!….demonstration. I’m sure that you have been told (even possibly by me) that you can manage webworms by removing webs and knocking them out the tree with a stick. I decided to see how well it actually works. So far, it’s going pretty well. I started two weeks ago when we had… Read More →

New media coverage and a (taped) FREE webinar!

Media In case you quite haven’t gotten enough from me lately, I thought I would share media that I have been involved with lately. I did a story with KXAN on juniper budworm- you can find that clip here. Some of the information that I spoke about was not covered in the piece, so you can get the full skinny here. I was also recently inteviewed on Central Texas Gardener where I discuss a variety of things- you can find that video here. You can find the clip… Read More →