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I remember walking into my great-grandmother’s house when I was a little girl and there was…well….there was a smell. Unfortunately for me, it wasn’t homemade cookies baking in the oven. I never knew exactly what it was at the time, but years later I discovered that the smell was mothballs. Since the smell of mothballs permeated throughout my great-grandmother’s house, she was not using them in a proper manner. I think many people may not know exactly how to use mothballs properly, hence my writing this particular blog… Read More →

Insects on Mountain Laurel

The mountain laurels are in bloom in Central Texas.  This is the time of year I walk around and any time I see a mountain laurel I take in a long, deep breath.  I LOVE the smell when mountain laurels are blooming.  It puts me in mind of grape bubble gum. So while I enjoy the scent and beauty of the mountain laurel flowers, some people may be more concerned with insects they are finding on their mountain laurels.  The two common insects that I get questions about… Read More →