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Did you know?…..the insect version

A bed bug can take up to six times it’s body weight in blood during a feeding session Monarch butterflies were named after King William, Prince of Orange (see the connection….) who later was named King of England Fleas can jump up to 200 times their body length The heaviest insect is the Giant Weta from New Zealand You can buy art created by a stag beetle on ebay….no joke! Have a great weekend!

Harvestmen, Daddy-longlegs or that weird, pulsing blob on the front porch

I received a wonderful photo this past week and was thrilled when I was told that I could use it on my blog- thanks Jackie!  The photo is the inspiration of today’s post. Harvestmen, also sometimes called Daddy-longlegs, are arachnids but are NOT spiders.  Harvestmen are actually in their own order, Opiliones, whereas spiders are in the order Araneae.  Harvestmen have one basic body section (spiders have two), two eyes, and eight legs.  They live in moist habitats and usually are found under rocks or logs. The two… Read More →