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Iron (Fe) Deficiency in Texas Crops Made Worse by Wet Weather

Dr. Calvin Trostle, Extension Agronomy, TAMU Dept. of Soil & Crop Sciences, Lubbock, (806) 746-6101,; June 9, 2021       Much of Texas has experienced heavy rains, cloudy conditions, and water-logged soils since early May.  Many crops will show signs of nutrient deficiency under such conditions.  These include iron (Fe) and nitrogen.   Symptoms for N and Fe nutrient deficiency may be confused with each other.  Nitrogen is mobile within the plant.  N deficiency leaf symptoms are expressed in older leaves.  This is usually a broad… Read More →

Impact of Ponded Water/Flooding on Corn and Sorghum

Ronnie Schnell, Ph.D. Associate Professor and Cropping Systems Specialist Texas A&M AgriLife Extension, College Station   Tony Provin, Ph.D. Professor and Extension Specialist – Soil Chemistry Texas A&M AgriLife Extension, College Station   Numerous rain events have resulted in flooding or significant ponding of water in many corn and sorghum fields across Texas. While low-lying areas may be flooded, other areas of fields may be saturated for extended periods of time. How long can corn or sorghum survive under saturated or flooded conditions? What impact will these conditions… Read More →