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Emi Kimura, Assistant Professor and Extension Agronomist Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service, Vernon, TX   2019-2020 Cropping Season in Review Texas Rolling Plains wheat season started with hot and dry conditions in the fall 2019.  Soil temperature was not optimum for planting wheat until the first week of October.  Dry months continued to the end of December, which reduced winter forage productivity throughout the Texas Rolling Plains.  Dryland wheat gradually improved with the spring precipitation during January to March.  Late-freezes in mid-April resulted in the freeze injury… Read More →

2019 Texas Rolling Plains Forage Trial Results

Emi Kimura, Extension Agronomist, Vernon, TX UNIFORM FORAGE TRIAL Uniform Forage trial was conducted at Lockett, TX. Plots were planted at 90 lbs/ac seeding rate on Miles fine sandy loam on 2 October 2019. Total precipitation received during October 2018 to May 2019 was 15.8 inch. Forage was clipped one time on 31 May 2019. The highest forage yield among released variety (species) was SlickTrit II (triticale), followed by CP7869 (wheat), WB4515 (wheat), and CP7909 (wheat). Table 1. 2019 Uniform Forage Trial at Lockett, TX. table 1 Background… Read More →

Texas Rolling Plains Pick’s List for 2019-2020

Emi Kimura, Extension Agronomist, Vernon, TX 2018-2019 Cropping Season in Review Rolling Plains wheat season started with very wet condition in September 2018 all the way to the end of October 2018. There were only a few days in October that producers were able to work in their fields due to the wet field conditions. Planting was delayed to November to December. Although field conditions during November to February were relatively dry across the Rolling Plains, precipitation received in March and April helped to increase yield potential. Rust… Read More →