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Varying Tolerances to Liberty Applications in Cotton Varieties

by Gaylon Morgan and and Josh McGinty. There are more herbicide tolerant (HT) traits on the market than ever before and with more to come in the future.  These HT traits provide new opportunities for weed management, but growers are going to have to remain diligent on the various HT traits and in which varieties these traits are included.  The previous article ( discussed the differences and similarities in the various dicamba products (XtendiMax®, Engenia™, and FeXapan™) and Enlist Duo®.   One factor that was discussed in this article is… Read More →

Foliar Injury Symptoms from Auxin Herbicides are NOT a Good Indicator of Cotton Yield Loss

by  Seth Byrd – Extension Cotton Specialist – Lubbock, TX; Peter Dotray – Extension Weed Scientist – Lubbock, TX; Wayne Keeling – Research Cropping Systems and Weed Science – Lubbock, TX; Misha Manuchehri – Extension Weed Scientist (OSU) – Stillwater, OK; Josh McGinty – Extension Agronomist – Corpus Christi, TX; Gaylon Morgan – State Extension Cotton Specialist – College Station, TX Cotton injury from herbicide drift and potential yield loss has been a hot topic recently, both among producers and in the popular press.  It is important to… Read More →

Have you noticed any flowering pigweed recently?

by Muthu Bagavathiannan, Josh McGinty, Vijay Singh, Peter Dotray and Gaylon Morgan Palmer amaranth and waterhemp are two pigweed species that have become problematic in row crop production fields in Texas. Palmer amaranth is widespread in the High Plains, Rio Grande Valley, Coastal Bend and Central Texas regions, whereas waterhemp is predominantly found in the Upper Gulf Coast as well as the Blacklands regions. Herbicide resistance in these two species is an emerging issue and extension specialists have emphasized the need for diversifying weed management tactics to prevent/delay resistance…. Read More →