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Corn Diseases in South and Central  Texas, So Far

This season has been unusual for corn diseases.  Early in the year, starting in south Texas and progressing north, the fungal disease, northern corn leaf blight (Figure 1), has been very prevalent.  Usually, a few lesions of the disease are seen on the lowest leaves and the disease never progresses.  Disease development is driven by frequent rain and temperatures lower than 80°F.  In a typical Texas growing season, infrequent rain, but moreover increasing temperatures will hinder the fungus.  Weather conditions early in the season supported disease development.  There… Read More →

East and South Texas Cotton Harvest Aids: The Art and Science

By James Griffin Cotton Extension PhD. Student   Applying cotton harvest aids has been referred to as an art.  In this article, we will examine methods to change the narrative to more of a science.  The first decision to make is when to “pull the trigger,” secondly rather to make one or two applications, and finally which products to use.  From my experience, the 60% open boll method has been the standard for some time although other methods are most likely more accurate than eye balling percentage open… Read More →