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Update on Industrial Hemp for Texas—July 2020

Dr. Calvin Trostle, Extension Agronomy, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension/TAMU Soil & Crop Sciences, Lubbock, TX; (806) 723-8432, July 8, 2020   Texas Department of Agriculture Hemp Licensing   The TDA hemp page,, has further new items of interest.  In a June 19, 2020 Texas A&M AgriLife Extension webinar TDA assistant commissioner Dan Hunter noted to date TDA had issued: 861 producer licenses 351 crop permits 84 handler/sampler licenses (but only 73 listed as of July 7 at 158 handler licenses 19 processor licenses (as of… Read More →

Corn Diseases in South and Central  Texas, So Far

This season has been unusual for corn diseases.  Early in the year, starting in south Texas and progressing north, the fungal disease, northern corn leaf blight (Figure 1), has been very prevalent.  Usually, a few lesions of the disease are seen on the lowest leaves and the disease never progresses.  Disease development is driven by frequent rain and temperatures lower than 80°F.  In a typical Texas growing season, infrequent rain, but moreover increasing temperatures will hinder the fungus.  Weather conditions early in the season supported disease development.  There… Read More →

2020 Alternative Crop Options after Failed Cotton & Late-Season Crop Planting for the Texas South Plains

Dr. Calvin Trostle, Extension Agronomy, TAMU Dept. of Soil & Crop Sciences, Lubbock, (806) 746-6101,; Dr. Murilo Maeda, Extension Cotton Specialist, TAMU Dept. of Soil & Crop Sciences, Lubbock, (806) 746-6101,; June 15, 2020   This annual guide was released in mid-June. The information is still applicable the week of July 6th for a few late planting decisions like sunflower, grain sorghum, and summer annual forages. The information targets the Texas South Plains (Lubbock region), but the information’s crop discussion, last recommended planting dates, and industry… Read More →