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Managing Hessian fly in Wheat

1.Tyler Mays, Extension Agent-IPM Hill and McLennan Counties, David Kerns, Associate Department Head & State IPM Coordinator David Drake Extension Agent-IPM-Hunt and Grayson Counties   Hessian fly in wheat has been a significant issue for wheat producers across much of Eastern Texas for the last two years. During this time there have been numerous fields that have been plowed under due to poor stands caused by extreme Hessian fly populations. As we prepare to plant the 2024 wheat crop now is a great time to think about… Read More →

Causes of Blank Heads or Unfilled Kernels in Grain Sorghum

Dr. Calvin Trostle, Extension Agronomy, TAMU Soil & Crop Sciences, Lubbock, (806) 723-8432,   This past week I received digital pictures and sorghum head samples from two different fields where grain sorghum fill was incomplete.  This highlights the most difficult field situation I encounter in grain sorghum for 20+ years.  What is the cause?  What is particularly frustrating is production conditions often appear to be good.  Often it is difficult to pinpoint any reasonable cause.  Weather often is not a known factor, e.g. there were no extremes… Read More →

Insect Pest Update

Dr. David Kerns, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service   Cotton: Cotton fleahoppers (CFH) have been extremely bad in cotton this year throughout the eastern half of Texas. In the Brazos River Bottom we have fields running 100-150% CFH infestation based on terminal inspections; the threshold is 10-15%. These large populations are the result of ample rainfall and production of weedy host harboring CFH. The good news is CFH are easy to kill with the right insecticides. The bad news is the CFH are continually reinvesting sprayed cotton and… Read More →