October 13, 2023 Weekly Round Up

Well, better late than never as the saying goes.  We’re sneaking in right before the clock strikes midnight with our recap of some of the biggest ag law stories in the news over the past few weeks.

Photo by Brittney Burnett 

*SEC Chair testifies that privately held farms will be exempt from climate emissions reporting under forthcoming rule.  Last month, Gary Gensler, the Chair of the Securities and Exchange Commission told Congress that the SEC intends to exempt privately owned farms from climate emissions reporting requirements when selling to publicly traded companies.  The proposed version of the SEC rule would have required publicly traded companies to disclose their own climate emissions, along with those along their supply chain (“Scope 3 emissions”).  The proposed rule caused concern as it offered no exemption for agriculture, prompting opposition from many agricultural groups concerned with the additional costs to producers. [Read article here.]

*President Biden vetoes two bills to rescind Endangered Species Act protection for lesser prairie chicken and northern long-eared bat.  President Biden has vetoed two bills that would have rescinded protections for the lesser prairie chicken and northern long-eared bat currently in place under the Endangered Species Act.  [Read article here.]

*South Texas farmers want Mexico to provide water required by 1944 Treaty.  South Texas farmers are seeking assistance from the US Government claiming that Mexico has failed to uphold its agreement on water deliveries required by the 1944 Rio Grande Water Treaty.  This issue has become particularly problematic given the drought conditions currently facing South Texas. [Read article here.]

*Video wins gold medal.  We are thrilled that the video we helped produce focused on agriculture and mental health featuring Grant Heinrich was recently recognized with a National Health Information Award.  It is a really moving video, and one in which I am proud to have played a small part.  To hear Grant’s story, click here. [Read article here.]

*Numerous states pass foreign landownership laws; Texas’ proposed legislation fails.  Micah Brown of the National Agricultural Law Center recently published an article discussing the 10 states that passed foreign land ownership laws this year.  [Read article here.]  There were multiple proposed bills related to banning or limiting foreign land ownership considered by the Texas Legislature, but none passed this session.  To hear Micah and I discuss foreign land ownership laws, click here for his episode on my Ag Law in the Field podcast.

*Additional lawmakers oppose EATS Act.  We previously discussed a letter signed by 170 lawmakers opposing the EATS Act, which would prohibit state laws that impose additional requirements on agricultural operations in other states, such as California’s Proposition 12.  Recently, an additional 16 House Republicans have voiced their opposition to the bill. [Read article here.]

*Tips for young farmers taking over the farm.  Farm Progress recently published an article offering simple, practical tips for young farmers taking over the family farm.  [Read article here.]

* Tri-State Fair report.  You may have noticed the lack of Weekly Round Ups over the last couple of weeks.  Part of the reason for that is that I’ve been busy chasing kids and their Miniature Hereford steers.  We had a big day at the Tri-State Fair Mini Hereford Show taking home Grand Champion Market Steer, Grand Champion Prospect Steer, and Champion Pre-Junior Showmanship honors.  We’re off to the State Fair of Texas next!

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