Mental Health Awareness Month: This World Is Better with You in It

May is Mental Health Awareness Month.  Every year, I do an interview related to agriculture and mental health.  Click to listen to prior interviews with Ted Matthews, Adrienne DeSutter, and Lesley Kelley.

This year, I was thrilled to have my friend, Shannon Ferrell, join me to talk about the work he is doing in this area.  Shannon offers important insight, information, suggestions, and encouragement.  He summed up our discussion with the most important line:  This world is better with you in it.  To listen to my interview with Shannon, click here.

Our show notes also highlight a number of resources, which I’ll also include below.

Dr. Matt Brosi at Oklahoma State University

Mental Health First Aid 

QPR Institute 

Oklahoma State University Farm Stress Website 

National Agricultural Law Center Farm Stress and Mental Health: Where Can You Turn?


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