Questions from Tiffany’s Desk: Where Can We Hear You Speak?

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Question:  We have read your blog and are wondering if you will be speaking in our area sometime soon.  Where can we hear you speak?

Amarillo Presentation

Answer:  My absolute favorite part of working for Texas A&M Agrilife Extension is getting to go out and about around the state speaking at various programs!  Generally, I am asked to come to speak at a program by the County Extension Agent, who sets up the program and advertises it through various methods including newsletters, emails, newspapers, and radio.  The County Extension Agents work hard to plan useful programs for their counties throughout the year, so I would definitely encourage everyone to check in with their local extension office to find out about upcoming programs in your area.

As for me specifically, I keep a list of all of my upcoming programs online and you can always check to see where I will be next.  To do that, just click here.  Additionally, I also keep a list of my prior presentations here, and I am happy to provide anyone with my slides from any of these presentations via email or regular mail if you will contact me.

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