Insect Nail Designs

When I was in middle school I was somewhat obsessed with creating various nail designs with a different color and design on each nail.  Obviously, I had way more time on my hands back then as this was before all the fancy things available now like decals, nail wraps, airbrushing, etc.  I would meticulously color each nail a different color, wait for it all to dry and then move on to creating stripes, dots, or whatever my brain could think up.  While I rarely paint my nails anymore, a part of me wants to change that when I saw some of the insect nail art that is out there.

bee nail art by Wonderful Wolf

Honey bee nail art by WonderfulWolf

First there is Wonderful Wolf Nail Designs.

While I have a slight bone to pick with her lumping snails in with arthropods, I can’t give her much flak as many people do this.  She has several designs on her blog here.

Here’s a YouTube video by Ane Li on how to create monarch nail art.

There are stickers with insects that are especially made for applying to nails.

There are also stamping plates for insect nail art (I’m really out of my bailiwick and have no idea how these things work…..).

Spider nail art by Deadly desings

Spider nail art by deadlydesigns

And the coup de gras, and what inspired this particular blog post is the nail artist that tops them all by putting real, but dead, bugs into her nail art pieces.  Here’s a link to an article.

This article  has nails that remind of insects trapped in amber which I really like.

Anyone have insect nail art?

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