Name a cockroach for Valentine’s Day

What do you get a beau who loves cockroaches?  Why, you name a cockroach for them!hissing cockroach

The Bronx Zoo has various packages available staring at $15 for a basic naming of a cockroach and going up to $75 for a package that includes naming a roach, a cockroach pin, cockroach chocolate candies, and cockroach socks!  For those of you who do not know me well, a fun fact is that I LOVE weird socks (today I’m wearing Tacosaurus socks) and when I saw the cockroach socks it was love at first sight!  While I think the price for the deluxe package is a bit steep at $75 (or if you just get the socks, $35 is still pricey), I still really hope that my husband tracks down some cheaper cockroach socks for me…..

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