New media coverage and a (taped) FREE webinar!


In case you quite haven’t gotten enough from me lately, I thought I would share media that I have been involved with lately.

I did a story with KXAN on juniper budworm- you can find that clip here. Some of the information that I spoke about was not covered in the piece, so you can get the full skinny here.

I was also recently inteviewed on Central Texas Gardener where I discuss a variety of things- you can find that video here. You can find the clip on their YouTube channel (which you should subscribe to if you like gardening). You can find my previous interview that covered succulent pests here (I miss my purple hair….).

Here is a link to the story on mosquitoes that ran on Fox7Austin.

Here is a link on AgriLife Today on juniper budworms.

FREE webinar

For those of you that missed the webinar on fire ant management last Friday, it is now posted for your viewing pleasure at

We are taking next month off because of conflicts with the 4thof July. But All Bugs Good and Bad will be back on August 1, with“Minimize Mosquito Problems” presented by Molly Keck:

More about the All Bugs Good and Bad Webinar series can be found at:

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