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Understanding & Evaluating Carbon Contracts

Carbon contracts have been a popular topic of conversation for farmers and ranchers around the country.  As with any agreement, several legal and economic issues arise and should be carefully considered by producers before entering into a carbon contract.  A critical consideration is producers and landowners should never rely on verbal representations made by anyone related to a contract; assume only the written contractual terms will be enforceable.  Remember, this is new territory and many unknowns still exist about the carbon market and these carbon agreements.   I highly… Read More →

Lawsuit Claims Delta Airlines’ Claim of Being First Carbon Neutral Airline Misleads Consumers

A California woman recently filed suit against Delta Airlines arguing that its claim to be the first carbon neutral airline is untrue and misleading to consumers.  There are a number of important considerations for those involved in agriculture generally and carbon contracts specifically to be gleaned from this case. Note:  All information below was obtained from the Plaintiffs’ Complaint.  Delta has not yet filed its Answer and there has been no judicial rulings on these allegations. Background Delta is one of the major commercial airlines in the United… Read More →

New Fact Sheet: Carbon Contract Checklist

My student assistant, Karli Kaase, and I recently co-authored a fact sheet offering a list of terms for landowners considering entering into a carbon contract.  [View fact sheet here.] It is critical for landowners to understand that every contract is different, and the devil is in the details.  Before signing a contract, landowners should carefully read the entire document, and I recommend contacting an attorney well-versed in carbon contracts to assist with negotiation and evaluation. To learn more about carbon markets, click here for a podcast episode I… Read More →

Should I Sell Carbon Credits? A Decision Guide for Ranchers

I was honored to be invited to be part of a team put together by the King Ranch Institute for Ranch Management tasked with providing information to ranchers about carbon contracts.  As part of our work, we drafted a white paper to help explain what carbon is, how it can be stored in the soil, how this market for selling carbon credits has arisen, who are the parties involved in the contracts, and what production, legal, and economic risks should be considered.  To view our paper, click here…. Read More →

May 19, 2023 Weekly Round Up

It has been a busy couple of weeks in the agricultural law world! *US Supreme Court rules in Proposition 12 challenge.  The United States Supreme Court issued an opinion in National Pork Producers v. Ross allowing California’s Proposition 12 to stand.  On Wednesday, we published a full summary of the Court’s ruling here.  To read a far shorter summary of the ruling, click here. *US Supreme Court will not hear South Carolina Clean Water Act case.  The US Supreme Court has denied a petition for certiorari in Dakota Finance LLC… Read More →

May 5, 2023 Weekly Round Up

Happy Cinco de Mayo!  We’re back with another ag law round up of news and articles from around the country. We’ve also got a photo of our newest addition born just yesterday from our place here in Texas. *Texas Supreme Court sides with royalty owner in post-production cost case.  The Texas Supreme Court recently sided with royalty owners in Devon v. Sheppard, a case challenging post production costs in the Eagle Ford Shale.  [Read Opinion here and Dissenting Opinion here.]  To read a good summary of the decision, click… Read More →

April 7, 2023 Weekly Round Up

It’s been another busy couple of weeks in the world of agricultural law. *State of Texas files suit challenging lesser prairie chicken listing.  The State of Texas has filed suit challenging the listing of the lesser prairie chicken as threatened and endangered pursuant to the Endangered Species Act.  The lawsuit claims the listing violates the Administrative Procedure Act, the Endangered Species and the National Environmental Policy Act.  In addition to these claims, the lawsuit alleges that this action “threats to derail” the efforts undertaken by the State and… Read More →

December 16, 2022 Weekly Round Up

We are here with our final round up of 2022.  It has been a busy year.  If you missed our National Year in Review blog post, click here. If you prefer audio, you can check out my podcast episode with Paul Goeringer here.  Be sure to check back on Monday for our Texas Year in Review post as well. Here are a few of the ag law stories in the news. Oral argument held in dicamba case before D.C. Court of Appeals.  Oral argument was held this week in… Read More →

2022 Ag Law Year in Review – National

I always enjoy the chance to look back over the year and recap the biggest agricultural law developments.  There was certainly no shortage agricultural law happenings in 2022.  Today, we’ll look at the national agricultural law scene, and next Monday, we will focus specifically on Texas.  If you want to hear more about some of the biggest national ag law stories of the year, click here for a podcast episode I did with my friend, Paul Goeringer.  With that, let’s get started! Carbon Contracts The topic about which… Read More →

December 2, 2022 Weekly Round Up

Happy December! We are back with a number of updates for you with regard to agricultural law news around the country. *Lesser prairie chicken listed under Endangered Species Act.  On November 17, the US Fish and Wildlife Service issued a press release that it will be listing the lesser prairie chicken as threatened in the northern distinct population segment (including areas in southeastern Colorado, southcentral and western Kansas, western Oklahoma, and the northeastern Texas Panhandle.) and endangered in the southern distinct population segment (including areas in eastern New… Read More →