Striped bark scorpions

With the weather getting cooler, many pests may try to come inside to stay cozy through the colder months. One of the common culprits we see in Central Texas is the striped bark scorpion. If you discover them outside I would leave them alone. They are predators and can help cut down on some of the insects that you have in the yard. When I find them in the house, I scoop them up on a piece of paper and shuffle them back outside. If you don’t quite have my love for critters with more than four legs, then you can use exclusion techniques to keep them outside where they belong.


Striped bark scorpion.

Some ideas to keep scorpions outside include:

  • Remove harborage areas around the structure. I know it’s really convenient to have your firewood stacked up next to the house and back door, but that is a perfect hiding place for scorpions. They then are not only really close to the door to get in that way, but they can be carried in with the fire wood. You also should move any piles of rocks, bricks, landscape timbers or other debris away from the house.
  • Keep vegetation trimmed away from the house and the lawn mowed.
  • Do not store firewood inside or if you choose to do so (like me) don’t be surprised to find some critters in there on occasion.
  • Make sure that weather stripping around doors and windows provides a good seal. This will not only keep out unwanted pests, but can help reduce energy bills.
  • If you have a brick or stone facade on your home, use copper mesh to block weep holes. You don’t want to seal them completely as they help air to move through wall void areas.
  • Seal any cracks, crevices or pipe penetrations around the outside of the structure with sealant that will expand and contract with Texas weather conditions.
  • Trim back any trees that touch or overhang the house. Scorpions and other pests (including furry ones) can use these as a bridge to get onto the roof and from there into the attic.

If you’ve done all of that and are still having problems, try a pesticide residual spray around the foundation of the home.

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