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Webworms (…and bagworms)

Webworms or bagworms…which do you really have?  Many people have been asking me about “bagworms” as of late, but after asking a few questions I discover that they have webworms.  So, what’s the difference? Bagworms: Form small cases that hold larvae, pupae, or female adults and eggs Cases are often found on evergreen trees & shrubs such as cedar, juniper, cypress, or pine Cases are made from silk and plant material laid down similar to shingles on a house, overlapping in layers Newly hatched larvae spin a silken… Read More →

Webworms invading Austin

I’ve been receiving calls on webworms that are in trees surrounding Ladybird Lake. we also have webworms in a tree at the Demonstration Garden. Since it’s a demonstration garden, I’m using the webworms as a….you guessed it!….demonstration. I’m sure that you have been told (even possibly by me) that you can manage webworms by removing webs and knocking them out the tree with a stick. I decided to see how well it actually works. So far, it’s going pretty well. I started two weeks ago when we had… Read More →