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It’s officially spring….crane flies are out

What goes hand in hand with spring in Central Texas? ….well…. the smell of grape sweet tarts from mountain laurels blooming, pink buds on Red bud trees, and the sight of my dog jumping around trying to capture crane flies in the backyard. Crane flies are a harmless insect that can sometimes become a nuisance when they come into the house.  Crane flies spend the majority of their life as larvae in damp locations- think edges of ponds, streams, wet logs, etc.  They only live a few days… Read More →

Crane flies- Spring is here!

I saw my first crane fly of the year before the cold hit this week. In my mind, that means spring is officially here. Crane flies have a bunch of different names that are mostly regional. Around here I hear people call them crane flies or mosquito hawks. Many people think they eat mosquitoes, but the adults either do not feed at all or feed on nectar. Some people think crane flies are a giant form of mosquito. Adult flies are tan with very long legs. They are… Read More →