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All Bugs Good & Bad Webinar Series- Fire Ant Management Using Baits

When: Friday, March 6, 2015 at 1PM CST Link: http://connect.extension.iastate.edu/fireant Cost: FREE Learn how to make the biology of fire ants work for you not against you. This webinar presented by Dr. Lawrence “Fudd” Graham from Auburn University will discuss fire ant baits and other control methods. It will also provide the latest information on the Pseudacteon phorid flies, natural enemies of fire ants. Moderated by Dani Carroll and Bethany O’Rear, Regional Extension Agents, Alabama Cooperative Extension System, and Vicky Bertagnolli-Heller, Extension Agent and Master Gardener Coordinator, Clemson… Read More →

Baiting for fire ants in the fall

Broadcast baiting for imported fire ants in the fall can help reduce the number of fire ant mounds see in the fall and spring. Tips for baiting: Make sure the bait is fresh fire ants pick bait up as food, if bait is rancid they will not pick it up fresh bait should have a nutty or corn-like scent (unless it’s spinosad bait which smells differently than other baits) rancid bait smells sour Apply bait when fire ants are foraging on hot days, fire ants forage in the… Read More →