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Cicada killer wasps emerging in Central Texas

Over the past week I’ve been getting questions on large wasps that people are seeing emerging from the ground.  They want to know what they are and be reassured that they are not the Asian giant hornet.  These wasps are known as cicada killers and are aptly named.  Cicada killers are large wasps, reaching around 1.5 inches.  They have a rusty colored head and thorax with a black and yellow patterned abdomen.  The wings are also rusty in color, but transparent. Cicada killer wasps are solitary, but multiple… Read More →

Seminar on plant pest management- Saturday July 14, 2018

I’m giving a presentation on plant pest identification and management at Round Rock Gardens (901 Sam Bass Road, Round Rock, TX 78681).  If we have enough time, I’ll also cover some of the beneficials that can be found in the landscape. Bring your bug questions or samples that you may need help with. WHAT: plant pest ID & management seminar WHERE: 901 Sam Bass Road, Round Rock, TX 78681 (@ Round Rock Gardens) WHEN: Saturday, July 14, 2018 at 10AM

Happy Halloween! Today I discuss spiders!

If you have heard me speak about indoor pest control, you most likely have heard me talk about trying to encourage people to not kill spiders they find in the house. The spiders can help to capture and take care of other insects that may be a problem in the home, so leaving them in place is part of a good IPM program. I also often answer the question of what I do for pest control in my own home. Since hubby and I are both entomologists, we… Read More →