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Caterpillars- buck moth caterpillar, cankerworms and tent caterpillars

The insects seemingly have arrived in our demogarden the past week. I was out there with Master gardeners this morning and there was a lot to see….it makes me EXCITED (the Master Gardeners, not so much, as many of the insects are eating the plants they are tending so carefully). So two items have already been covered recently in blog posts written by Dr. Mike Merchant in Dallas, so I’m going to direct to those pages and you can get all your information there. First are the tent… Read More →

Salt marsh caterpillars

Salt marsh caterpillars are larvae of a moth in the Family Arctiidae. This species has many color variations from black with orangish-red markings to pale yellow to reddish-brown. Caterpillars are generally lighter in color and darken with age. The body is covered with tufted hairs, or setae. Some people also commonly call these caterpillars woolly bear caterpillars (there are numerous species of moths that can be called woolly bears). The caterpillars are often called woolly bears because of the numerous bristly hairs that project off the body. The… Read More →