Webinar: Committee of Negativity: Getting Past the Old Guard

Just saw a notice that Becky McCray and Deb Brown of SaveYour.Town are hosting their next webinar: Committee of Negativity: Getting Past the Old Guard. I hear about negativity concerns fairly often and think you will find these presenters helpful. Info is below.

All small towns have one, a committee of negativity that can’t find anything right with what you do. We’ve all been there and been frustrated with their reactions. Join Deb and I as we share stories and methods for diffusing the committee of negativity,” said McCray.

The live webinar is March 15, 6pm Central time. The recorded replay will be available two weeks, anytime on demand. The cost is $20.

You can gather a group of people (positive, open-minded people!) to join you and watch together either live or for a replay any time that works for you.

“We’ll share stories and also the three basic steps you can take to deal with your own committee of negativity,said Brown.

If you need more information or are ready to register go straight here: http://saveyour.town/negativity/


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