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Rural Texas Poverty and Health Insurance Coverage

Yesterday I retweeted a Census Bureau infographic with national statistics on rural and urban poverty, income, health insurance coverage and housing. There are several positive messages in that data, including lower poverty rates for rural, lower rates of people living alone, and higher rates of children living in a married family households (being a single householder or the child of a single householder can be difficult). There were also some less pleasant statistics, including a larger share of rural residents without health insurance, a smaller share with a… Read More →

ERS Atlas of Rural and Small-Town America

Need a quick look at how your county stacks up against the rest of the state? Or maybe you need to generate a quick graphic to accompany a community report. The Atlas of Rural and Small-Town America from USDA-ERS displays statistics on people, jobs, veterans, and county types. Data have been updated to reflect the latest population, poverty, and American Community Survey statistics.