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La Salle County Judge Talks Oil Boom Impacts in Fed’s Southwest Economy

Judge Joel Rodriquez talks with the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas’s Southwest Economy about the community impacts of the oil boom in La Salle county. Text is available at and audio clips can be accessed at Some interesting perspectives related to topics being covered in the AgriLife NEXT series on Energy.

The Role of Rural: The Energy Economy

I’ve written before about The Role of Rural in addressing the world’s wicked problems—challenges including providing food, water, and energy for 9 billion people by 2050: climate change; health; and poverty. These challenges are serious, but they provide opportunities for rural areas. The Texas energy economy has grown substantially in recent years, and is a major part of the Texas economic narrative. Of course, oil has long been been a part of the Texas story and an important component of the economy. After 30 years of falling production,… Read More →