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Winning Football and Community Success

‘Tis the season. Or ’twas the season anyway. Texas high school football playoffs. I like small town football. Both my brothers played six-man football in Kansas. My son goes to a small school where the elementary kids get to run out on the field with the football players and stay there through the Star Spangled Banner. You see everyone at a small town football game. That’s what I really love–the sense of community around rural schools and their activities from junior high volleyball games to Kindergartners’ Veterans Day… Read More →

Rural Texas Poverty and Health Insurance Coverage

Yesterday I retweeted a Census Bureau infographic with national statistics on rural and urban poverty, income, health insurance coverage and housing. There are several positive messages in that data, including lower poverty rates for rural, lower rates of people living alone, and higher rates of children living in a married family households (being a single householder or the child of a single householder can be difficult). There were also some less pleasant statistics, including a larger share of rural residents without health insurance, a smaller share with a… Read More →

Rural Leaders Survey Open

Yesterday, I kicked off a new study of Rural Leaders and Economies. If that topic sounds interesting, you are welcome to participate here: http://tinyurl.com/qh3xo79 The purpose of this study is (1) to gauge rural leaders’ attitudes about local economies and potential new leaders and (2) to identify opportunities for communities to deepen citizen engagement and strengthen rural communities and economies. Results of the study will guide the development of Extension programming and publications to help communities identify and develop new rural leaders and to disseminate best practices in… Read More →

Back to School

First day of the public school year in Texas! A quick video about a walkable school district in Cleveland, Ohio. I love that they talk about not just the health and mental benefits of walking, but the sense of community for kids and parents. Even in suburbs and rural areas where we aren’t going to walk to school, that sense of community is so important. Our schools play an important role in the social fabric of our communities. http://www.upworthy.com/yes-this-town-is-real-yes-its-totally-adorable-and-yes-what-it-did-is-making-kids-happier?c=reccon1  

The Rural Student Brain Gain

An article from The Daily Yonder about Brain Gain–yep, you read that right. Among the findings, community involvement, along with economic opportunity, is key to the desire to stay. Some really great comments from Extension educators in the Northern Plains as well. http://www.dailyyonder.com/rural-student-brain-gain/2014/08/12/7492