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ERS releases 2016 Rural Development at a Glance

USDA ERS released its 2016 Rural Development at a Glance publication this month. As always, interesting points to ponder. This table with counties coded by dominant industry is interesting and shows the diversity of industry among Texas rural counties.         We like to think of Texas as a fairly rural state, but Census data shows that only 15.3% of Texans live in rural areas v. 19.3% across the entire U.S. In fact, Texas ranks as the 36th most rural state by that measure (alternatively, the… Read More →

Farmer Hayek: Do cities make us more productive?

Levi Russell over at Farmer Hayek picks up the issue of agglomeration economies today, encouraging further thought on a Burgh Diaspora post on the same topic. Interesting discussion, and I’ve added my thoughts to the Farmer Hayek comments. Always thought-provoking over at Farmer Hayek, and always fun when they delve into regional economics and politics.

Farmer Hayek on CON Laws and Rural Health Care

A colleague recently reported on the effects of Certificate of Need (CON) laws on the number of rural hospitals and on quality of care: Farmer Hayek on Regulation and Rural Hospitals Farmer Hayek on CON Laws and Rural Health Care Quality I hear a lot about the presence and quality of rural hospitals, and these Farmer Hayek posts present a couple of interesting perspectives related to one aspect of health care regulation.