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Thinking Beyond the Town Line: Strengthening Rural Development through Cooperation

We talk about regionalism all the time. Collaboration and partnership with surrounding communities is crucial for rural areas. Check out this great webinar recording from the Orton Foundation. Vibrant examples from Michigan, Kentucky, and South Carolina with an intro by of Brett Schwartz of NADO explaining why regionalism is important. Hang in there for the Q&A where the panelists discuss the tension and complementarity of collaboration and competition, among other things. Click the video image below to view the webinar or click here: Some really good thoughts in… Read More →

USDA Home Repair and Home Ownership

Many of our rural communities tell us about the need for home repair and home ownership. Here is a video on USDA home loan programs. Interested in learning more? See http://www.rd.usda.gov/programs-services/all-programs/single-family-housing-programs.

Cultivating Community Wealth: Strategies for Building Rural Wealth, Part 1

This post is part of an eight-week series on Cultivating Community Wealth. Why a community “does what it does” is really a statement about the values the community or organization possesses. –Steve Deller in Rural Wealth Creation (p. 161) Wow. Read that one more time. A deceptively simple, intensely powerful sentence. Actions matter. Intentions matter. A community that allows its poor to be further marginalized is making a statement. A community that supports entrepreneurs, volunteers, or youth is also making a statement. Why your community chooses certain wealth… Read More →