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Long-term Financial Management After Disaster

This morning the Texas Tribune is running two articles (here and here) about how long it may take for federal resources to reach Texans affected by Hurricane Harvey and how that lag may affect poverty, homelessness, and well-being throughout the state. The sites below include information about overcoming financial set-backs and management after a disaster. One of the nice things about each of the resources listed below is that information is provided in short, topic-specific chunks so it is easy to find and quickly read or watch the… Read More →

Cultivating Community Wealth: Wealth and Disaster

This post is part of an eight-week series on Cultivating Community Wealth. As we wrap up this series on Cultivating Community Wealth, we take a look at what happens when communities face disaster. We often think of natural disasters, such as drought, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, and wildfire. But disasters can also be purely economic—the loss of a major employer. Some economic losses may be due to a loss of competitive advantage in the region, but losses can also result from global economics and other situations outside the region’s… Read More →

Do disasters help the economy?

Do disasters help the economy? One of my colleagues asked me recently what economic impact analysis has to say about this question. He provided a link to a Forbes article countering the frequent claim that disasters can be/are good for the economy; in turn, Forbes linked to this example from the New York Times. I’ve heard the claim before, of course. In fact, you often hear people say that rural areas and farmers/ranchers are not impacted by drought, fire, or other disasters because of government disaster relief payments…. Read More →