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Webinar: Committee of Negativity: Getting Past the Old Guard

Just saw a notice that Becky McCray and Deb Brown of SaveYour.Town are hosting their next webinar: Committee of Negativity: Getting Past the Old Guard. I hear about negativity concerns fairly often and think you will find these presenters helpful. Info is below. “All small towns have one, a committee of negativity that can’t find anything right with what you do. We’ve all been there and been frustrated with their reactions. Join Deb and I as we share stories and methods for diffusing the committee of negativity,” said… Read More →

Winning Football and Community Success

‘Tis the season. Or ’twas the season anyway. Texas high school football playoffs. I like small town football. Both my brothers played six-man football in Kansas. My son goes to a small school where the elementary kids get to run out on the field with the football players and stay there through the Star Spangled Banner. You see everyone at a small town football game. That’s what I really love–the sense of community around rural schools and their activities from junior high volleyball games to Kindergartners’ Veterans Day… Read More →

Igniting the Spark for Community Development: Developing Community Readiness, SRDC Webinar

Often communities struggle with getting their citizenry involved in community betterment. Join the Southern Rural Development Center Tuesday, November 15, at noon Central to explore the concept of community readiness, and discuss programs and methods that encourage public engagement.

Cultivating Community Wealth: Wealth and Local Government

This post is part of an eight-week series on Cultivating Community Wealth. Thinking back to the first post in this series, political capital was one of the forms of community wealth, as were built and financial capital. It stands to reason that local government has a significant impact on community wealth. Local officials are the gatekeepers to many community processes. Research has shown that when elected officials support a community development project (although they may not be directly involved), it has an improved chance of successfully building various… Read More →

Back to School

First day of the public school year in Texas! A quick video about a walkable school district in Cleveland, Ohio. I love that they talk about not just the health and mental benefits of walking, but the sense of community for kids and parents. Even in suburbs and rural areas where we aren’t going to walk to school, that sense of community is so important. Our schools play an important role in the social fabric of our communities. http://www.upworthy.com/yes-this-town-is-real-yes-its-totally-adorable-and-yes-what-it-did-is-making-kids-happier?c=reccon1  

The Rural Student Brain Gain

An article from The Daily Yonder about Brain Gain–yep, you read that right. Among the findings, community involvement, along with economic opportunity, is key to the desire to stay. Some really great comments from Extension educators in the Northern Plains as well. http://www.dailyyonder.com/rural-student-brain-gain/2014/08/12/7492