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Link to Texas Agriculture Law Water Post

Water is essential to the life of communities. My colleague Tiffany Dowell had a great post on water earlier this week. Read it here and click the Water Law category on her blog (or any other link for that matter) to see more great info.

The Role of Rural: The Energy Economy

I’ve written before about The Role of Rural in addressing the world’s wicked problems—challenges including providing food, water, and energy for 9 billion people by 2050: climate change; health; and poverty. These challenges are serious, but they provide opportunities for rural areas. The Texas energy economy has grown substantially in recent years, and is a major part of the Texas economic narrative. Of course, oil has long been been a part of the Texas story and an important component of the economy. After 30 years of falling production,… Read More →

The Role of Rural: Healthcare

“Those who go to urban hospitals have been described as ‘bypassing’ rural hospitals,” according to a July 2014 report by the CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics. The report by M.J. Hall and M.F. Owings, based on findings from the CDC’s National Hospital Discharge Survey, indicates that 40% of rural (non-metro) residents who were hospitalized in 2010 went to urban hospitals while 60% were admitted to rural hospitals. An April 2014 report by the same authors noted that while 17% of the U.S. population lived in nonmetro areas,… Read More →

The Role of Rural: In the Local Foods Movement

Rural areas play an important role in urban food systems and urban economies. Recently, I’ve seen two stories on local foods that follow a fairly narrow definition of “local”. Both stories are cool pieces with some good info and ideas, and they give us an opportunity to think about rural/urban linkages and regionalism. KENS5 out of San Antonio posted a USA TODAY graphic on what constitutes “local” foods. The graphic, which was developed from USDA and various farmers market sources, asks How Local is Local? Takepart’s Willy Blackmore… Read More →