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Resources to BTHO Hate and Build Community Dialogue

The words at the bottom of our Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service publications read: “Texas A&M AgriLife Extension provides equal opportunities in its programs and employment to all persons, regardless of race, color, sex, religion, national origin, disability, age, genetic information, veteran status, sexual orientation, or gender identity.” Yesterday, as news of a (since cancelled) white supremacist rally on the Texas A&M University campus developed, our Extension Director took a few moments to remind us of that statement and our commitment to it, and I’m so glad he… Read More →

Results of Texas Rural Leaders and Economies Survey Released

The report documenting results of the Texas Rural Leaders and Economies Survey is now posted on the Rural Communities website. A few economic highlights are below. For more information view the complete report online. Future posts will discuss local institutions, keeping young people, and rural leadership. Leaders tended to view overall economic conditions and retail conditions similarly. Most respondents rated their economies and retail sectors as stable. Perceptions of decline across both city and county respondents were more evident in rural counties not adjacent to urban areas.  … Read More →

Inspiration for Rural Communities

This morning, my final email reminder went out for the Rural Leaders and Economies Survey. Mail reminders went out late last week. If you’d like to participate, click here. I took a quick peek at the results-to-date. There were comments about struggle in our rural towns, but what stood out was that our rural leaders are truly INSPIRING people–people you want to meet, to know, to learn from and to emulate. Take a quick look at these comments, just a few gems among a treasure trove: “I was… Read More →

Rural Leaders Survey Open

Yesterday, I kicked off a new study of Rural Leaders and Economies. If that topic sounds interesting, you are welcome to participate here: The purpose of this study is (1) to gauge rural leaders’ attitudes about local economies and potential new leaders and (2) to identify opportunities for communities to deepen citizen engagement and strengthen rural communities and economies. Results of the study will guide the development of Extension programming and publications to help communities identify and develop new rural leaders and to disseminate best practices in… Read More →

10 Commandments of Community Leadership

On a Throwback Thursday, with the blog having just moved to a new address, here’s a throwback to a series on the Ten Commandments of Community Leadership by Maury Forman and Michelle Harvey. This was a 10-part series this past spring. Links to the posts at the old blog site are below. Watch for a new series on rural wealth in September. 1. Thou shalt create a vision for the future. 2. Thou shalt develop a strategic plan. 3. Thou shalt build a sustainable economy for the next… Read More →