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Upcoming Webinar: Do something with those empty lots downtown!

From Glenn Muske at eXtension’s Entrepreneurs and Their Communities: You know those empty lots downtown? It’s time to put them to good use. We’re co-sponsoring (or offering points for) this webinar by SaveYour.Town to give you practical ideas and solutions other towns have used successfully to make empty lots into something useful. Don’t you have a roofless building in your downtown, too? Either one that burned or the roof just fell in because of disrepair? Well, you’ll get ideas for those, too. More examples of real places that… Read More →

I was visiting the Lands of America Blog site the other day to see their post about our Texas Equine Study, and I was drawn to this post with beautiful topographical pix.  I happen to think we have the most beautiful country in the world, and when I fly, I am in the window seat hoping for a clear sky and snapping photos. I love the transition from irrigated “crop circles” (as my city friends call them) to rough grasslands to winding rivers and forests before hitting the… Read More →

NEA Arts-Driven Community and Economic Development in Rural Areas

An opportunity to explore an arts-driven approach to community and economic (and wealth) development. The conference call will discuss funding opportunities as well as exemplar projects. Press release below: RURAL GATEWAY PEER-TO-PEER CONFERENCE CALL National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) Arts-Driven Community and Economic Development in Rural Areas: A Discussion of Best Practices Date: September 25, 2014 Time: 2:00 p.m. EDT The Office of Rural Housing and Economic Development (ORHED) invites you to take part in our next Peer-to-Peer conference call.  Scheduled for September 25, 2014 this call will offer… Read More →

Webinar: How Design Sparks Rural Development

This webinar from Community Matters discusses using good design to improve rural places and kick-start rural development. I love that they are talking about resident-led design, introducing local decision makers to design principles, and describing how to incorporate “experts” and outsiders into projects. Ultimately, it is the resident community and it should be their project! I’m looking forward to the webinar Wednesday, August 20, at 3:00 Central. For more info or to register, visit http://www.communitymatters.org/event/design-rural-community-development. You can also check out this Community Matters blog post to learn more… Read More →