Validation is the process by which animals are registered under an exhibitor for major shows and local fairs. Depending on the animal, validation may include an ear tag, nose print, tattoo and hair sample.

Forms to submit at validation include a Validation Form, Registration papers, and Ethics Policy and a Parental Waiver (if a parent cannot attend).

Harris County 4-H holds various validation days throughout the year for different animals for active 4-H and FFA members. Below are the links to the most current Validation information. Please note the increase in tag prices this year.



October Heifer Validation – More info to come soon!

2021-2022 Major Show Market Lamb, Market Goat, Breeding Sheep, Wether Dam, Breeding Goat, and Doe Validation- More info to come soon!

Major Show Swine/Gilt Validation – More info to come soon!



For more information, please contact Steven Frederick at, or call the Harris Co. 4-H office at 713-274-0950.



Quality Counts Verification

Just as important as Validation is Verification – of Quality Counts that is! Quality Counts is the 4-H and FFA way of highlighting character development in our youth and ensuring they are committed to producing a safe and wholesome livestock product for consumers.

Exhibitors only need to be verified once as a Junior or Intermediate member and once again as a Senior member.

Prepare and get Verified today!

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